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Tecnofruit CF110

  • Optional

4 lateral platforms 136x40 cm  S
2 lateral platforms 1,25x0,36 m and 2 lateral platforms 0,80x0,36 m -
Hydraulic adj. of back platform horizontally and vertically S
Hydraulic adj. of front platform horizontally - vertically mecanical S
Remote control of platforms (433Mhz) S
Automatic bins trailer S
Bins trailer with 4 wheels -
4 lateral picking belts -
6 lateral picking belts S
Conveyor belt of accompaniment O
Limited slip differential O
4 wheel drive -
Automatic steering system with sidebar S
Automatic steering system with ultrasound system O
Hydraulic steering with Orbitrol S
Hydraulic steering with joystick -
Additional Joystick -
Container for industry fruit O
Front- lifting bar  O
Air compressor 650 lt inside the machine S
Air compressor 480 lt outside the machine  -
Pneumatic scissors O
Kit lights and service brake O
Negative parking and emergency brake with automatic engagement S
Hail net platform width 2,00 - 3,80 m H=2,95 depth 1,00 m O
Hail net platform width 1,80 - 3,30 m H=2,95 depth 0,90 m -

S = Standard - O = Optional