• Tecnofruit CF105

A compact machine for row distances from 3,00 to 4,00 metres and plant heights to a maximum of 3,60 metres. The generous standard equipment and a complete range of accessories allow the machine to be adapted to the individual needs of modern fruit growers. Equipped with a reliable 3-cylinder diesel engine, it has a fuel consumption and emission level in accordance with the TIER 4 norm. The four lateral platforms (back: 1,25 x 0,36 metres, front: 0,80 x 0,36 metres) permit picking at three picking levels in a very compact machine. As many as six persons can work comfortably at the same time without getting in each other’s way and in compliance with the highest ergonomic standards. Optional is the choice of an automatic trailer (offloading the full fruit containers onto the trailer) or a non-automatic trailer (offloading the full fruit containers onto the ground) which is particularly suited to very narrow or very short rows. Moreover an optional air compressor is available for 4 to 5 pruning shears.

Technical data

Engine  Kubota 3 cyl
Type Diesel 18.5 Kw/ 24,8 hp
Front wheels 26x12.00-12 8 pr 
Rear wheels 26x12.00-12 8 pr 
Service brake   -
Emergency brake/Parking brake Hydraulic negative
Diesel tank capacity 40 lt
Hydraulic oil tank capacity 90 lt
Aux power  12 V - 15 A
Speed 0-8 km/h
Speed range 2 + 2 with inversor
Transmission Hydrostatic
Steering control Joystick
Lenght (without bins trailer) mm 4.180
Width (min/max) mm 1.800/3.000 
Height (min/max) mm 2.418/2.910
Wheel base mm 2.205
Ground clearance mm 170
Tourning radius m 3,80
Weight kg 2.060
Tecnofruit CF105
Tecnofruit CF105
Tecnofruit CF105
Tecnofruit CF105
Tecnofruit CF105


4 lateral platforms 136x40 cm  -
2 lateral platforms 1,25x0,36 m and 2 lateral platforms 0,80x0,36 m S
Hydraulic adj. of back platform horizontally and vertically S
Hydraulic adj. of front platform horizontally - vertically mecanical S
Remote control of platforms (433Mhz) S
Automatic bins trailer O
Bins trailer with 4 wheels O
4 lateral picking belts S
6 lateral picking belts O
Conveyor belt of accompaniment O
Limited slip differential -
4 wheel drive O
Automatic steering system with sidebar S
Automatic steering system with ultrasound system O
Hydraulic steering with Orbitrol -
Hydraulic steering with joystick S
Additional Joystick O
Container for industry fruit O
Front- lifting bar  O
Air compressor 650 lt inside the machine -
Air compressor 480 lt outside the machine  O
Pneumatic scissors O
Kit lights and service brake -
Negative parking and emergency brake with automatic engagement S
Hail net platform width 2,00 - 3,80 m H=2,95 depth 1,00 m -
Hail net platform width 1,80 - 3,30 m H=2,95 depth 0,90 m O
Bins trailer with 4 wheels
6 lateral picking belts
Conveyor belt of accompaniment
4 wheel drive
eng-332.jpgAutomatic steering system with retractable sidebar
Container for industry fruit
Front draw bar
Air compressor 650lt inside the machine
Air compressor 480lt outside the machine
Pneumatic scissors
Additional Joystick
Hail net platform
Automatic steering with ultrasound system