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Reason why

  • Efficency, productivity, quality


The labour costs involved in the harvest can be reduced by a third, with savings of about 15,000 Euro for every 10 hectares (as shown in a showcase firm) due to a smaller number of workers during the harvest, to a higher performance level per worker compared to traditional ways of picking and to a reduction of the number of rejects. All this, together with low running costs allows for a very short amortisation period.


Harvesting with machines of the TECNOFRUIT series will result in a supreme quality of the picked fruit in comparison with other methods.


Picking the fruit of the whole tree in one go (making for a uniform quality), the direct transport of the fruit to the fruit containers, the fact that the workers will be less tired during the harvest, are just some of the points contributing to a higher performance.
Frumaco Europe
Frumaco Europe